New England's Best Sales Representative Since 1982. We have represented  semiconductor lines such as NEC, OKI, Winbond, and subcontract manufacturers like Flextronics, SCI and others as well as power supply companies (Celestica,ALT) and have won many individual and company sales awards. At present (2013) we have 6 outside sales engineers throughout New England. All except one of our sales engineers has an EE or Physics degree and the one exception has much real world experience. Several of our personnel have had OEM Sales Manager experience at companies such as Fairchild, Intersil, National Semi and Linear Tech and Winbond as well as numerous start ups. 
LINES:                        - Etron Technology America (Memories)
                                    1 ACT:( Heat Pipes &Electronic cooling systems)
                                     Arizona Capacitor- (hermetic, sealed, high voltage and wrap and fill) 

                                     Tepro of Florida-(Precision wirewound, thin and thick film resistive products.)

                                     Custom Suppression-(EMC filters, FIC types, solder mount, hermetic sealed)
)                                     Newawa-Magnetics  

                                     ADDA- Fans, Thermal Solutions

                                    Tatien-Oscillators and Timing Chips...VXCO,OXCO,TXCO...
                                     Block Engineering-Integrated Power Supplies, AC/DC, transformers

                                     FLEXXON-SSD Cards for industrial and medical applications

                                     GigaDevices-NOR and NAND serial FLASH
References can be supplied from companies like EMC. Bose, SUN/Oracle, Arrow, Avnet and WPG.
Let us put together a detailed sales plan for your company to develop targeted accounts or the entire New England geopgraphy including distributor support and training.
New England represents about 6% of the US semiconductor market, but is responsible for many more industrial design activity that is manufactured offshore or in other states. Industrial sectors represented in New England are MEDICAL DEVICES,STORAGE, MILITARY, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, CONSUMER, AUTOMOTIVE, POWER, and ROBOTICS with companies like EMC, BOSE, SUN (Oracle), RAYTHEON, PHILIPS MEDICAL, AMERICAN POWER, ANALOG DEVICES, PITNEY BOWES, OTIS ELEVATOR, I ROBOT KIVA ROBOTICS as well as thousands of medium size and start up companies.
We select sales engineers with a lot of experience covering their accounts or sectors. These individuals have access to the top level engineering people at their accounts. It is imperative to engage early in the design process when the barriers are low and the chance to effect a design to the benefit of our represented companies is highest.
The engineering personnel at our accounts are all very busy after all the layoffs recently, and they often screen their access to a few trusted associates. Meanwhile, the component engineering departments have been drastically downsized by an average of 60%, making it much more difficult to second source an existing component in a design.The answer to success is early engagement in the design process.
Our experienced sales personnel coupled with their engineering knowledge enables accesss and provides account visibilty.
(The large distributors have great account visibility-they do business with everybody-but they have limited selling time for any one line. A direct sales force has great selling time available but limited account visibility because of their fewer numbers and relative inexperience ;so they tend to concentrate on the bigger, highly visible accounts.
Compass Technology currently is not dominated by any large line demanding the largest share of our attention. We have lines that are offer synergy and have many potential customers. Most, but not all, are also served by industrial distributors. Compass Technology has been actively engaged with the distributors serving New England for over 30 years. For any line to get "share of mind" at a distributor it is necessary that the rep has a reputation for honest dealings. No rep can honestly cover the over 400 accounts actively buying electronic devices and services in New England. It is smart to engage with the salesperson that knows the account most thoroughly and make them your ally.
Training the distributor sales force is difficult because of the conflicting time demands by all of the other lines carried by the distributor, but constant contact and lead follow up with "buddy" calls wiil work over time. Distributor publications and Design Shows are also a good way to generate design interest.
Currently subcontractors in China use distributors for about 48% of their component needs. Compass has the most interest in lines that can track the sales cycle from design to manufacturing locations. Obviously, the sales cycle starts with the design in and we recommend a commission structure that allocates a fair share to the design effort.

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